Americas Foreign Threats on Domestic SoilMost people have

Americas Foreign Threats on Domestic Soil


Most people have taken a stance and decided to turn the other check while a foreign government has been allowed to make and implement policies for the citizens of America. As most of you may or may not know Washington D.C. is not apart of the United States Union, but when the Executive branch of the Federal Government is allowed to pass policies into law and enact laws for American Citizens that is a direct conflict to the founding fathers ideals when the Declaration of Independence was established. As stated by Mel Gibson in the Patriot “Why trade a tyrant a thousand miles away for several tyrants in our own backyard?”  I tend to ponder the same thing so often, the rising revelations baffle me as the American public allows itself to be subservient to a foreign dictatorship. Why have we as a community become so helpless and simply buckle under the requests of tyranny, do we not dictate our own laws and rules on our land, are we not the captains and conquerors of our own fate and destinies?

These questions may seem very rhetorical but they are the questions that are being raised on a daily basis as we sit back and watch our freedoms and liberties being reduced to nothing on a constant basis. As quoted from Scalia in the Telegraph Jun 26, 2013, “Today’s opinion aggrandizes the power of the court to pronounce the law,” Scalia wrote in the dissenting opinion. It will have the predictable consequence of diminishing the “power of our people to govern themselves,” wrote Scalia, who was joined in his dissent by Justices Clarence Thomas and Chief Justice John Roberts, while Justice Samuel Alito wrote a separate dissenting opinion. Scalia described the “assertion of judicial supremacy over the people’s representatives in Congress and the executive” as “jaw-dropping.”

Article 1 Section 1 of the United States Constitution deals with the Vested powers and term limits of the three branches of government it clearly states that No branch may exercise powers that properly belong to another (e.g., since the legislative power is only vested in Congress, the executive and judiciary may not enact laws). So tell me why is the Federal Government by way of the Executive Branch writing, enacting, and passing laws, disguised as Presidential Directives and Executive Orders depending on the administration.

When many think of Washington D.C. most of us think of the President representing the executive body, when in actuality it is the Congress who has the ruling power over Washington D.C. as granted to them by the U.S. Constitution.

With today’s hottest topics of debates and issues being the Supreme Court rulings on Gay Marriage, Snowden on the run in Russia for acts of treason “according to our government”, Senate Passing immigration bill, and a whole bunch of other distracting stories to divert our attention from the real issues of the day. Situations like the catastrophes taking place in Palestine, and the debates and discussion between Iran and proposed Israel, or the drones sent by the Obama administration to Afghanistan just recently, Obama’s new case for gun control, the fact that our government is attempting to strip its American citizens of our second along with our fourth and fifth Amendment protected rights.

On the verge of losing one of most prized protected right our right to Freedom of speech many have stood up in outrage to voice their disdain for the attacks on our freedom of speech. This is why so many journalist, and investigative reporters are forced to go to the extreme and make outlandish statements and claims against our supposed representatives while we still can so that Americans will wake up and realize the liberties that these men and women are taking on your freedoms on a daily basis. The government is instituted amongst men for the people, ours has began to commit acts of terror that in any arena would constitute war. 

What extreme measures must be taken before the threat is eminently realized as a valid promise to enslave us and subjugate us to their own person wills and wishes. If this is something that the rest of you can live with then these threats may seem unreal or fall on death ears, but to those who are conscious of the fact that your liberties and freedom is being contested then you to will realize the Foreign threat on Domestic soil.


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