Institution of the Elites Agenda subtle and discreet


While visiting Atlanta Georgia I found myself encountering very subtle but discrete instances of the elites agenda clearly their plan to divide the family is in full effect.
While waiting in line at a mailbox facility I found this posting on the wall, “TEENAGERS tired of being hassled by your stupid parents. ACT NOW, Get out get a job and pay your own bills While you still know EVERYTHING!”
Amazing is all I can say this seems to be a flier concocted by and individual attempting to solicit teens for summer jobs, this is my assessment but it clearly shows how deeply embedded in the people the agenda has gotten. For anyone to advocate that teens knew more then their parents or knew what was better for themselves over there parent just a couple of years ago would have been ludicrous, but today with the Allogarchys agenda on the rise it is not only evident it is becoming a reality.
Stand up against ignorance and things which are a direct threat to your senses and natural way of being.


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