July 4, Independence Day Americans Folly!

How important is it for Americans to realize why this
is an issue, not solely the fault of Americans
but Americans do need to accept responsibility
for their own lack of concern and question
asking abilities. To consider yourself a natural
American one realistically needs to know to some
degree the extent which others when to to make
the current state what it is. So even if you cannot
remember the actual locations and specific dates
of the occurrences it is ultra important to have
a keen sense and understanding of what you as
a nation in conjunction with the others in the nation
stand for and why these conclusions were met.
I am an avid student of history, science, and many
mythologies, not saying this to say i expect
everyone else to be or do the same, but I do
say this to say that in the recruiting of Federal
Resistance soldiers and freedom fighters
the need to have a diverse but direct understanding
of how and why things are the way they are is
vitally important. And the need to ask questions
do research and probe everything is of the
utmost importance.
With this small but somewhat invasive statement made
i continue to wish you the masses a well regarded
and safe 4th of July, the founding fathers would
be more then amazed to see the deterioration of this
once great nation from the inside out.


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