Heading in the direction of Dominance.


As the headline suggests that Americans are becoming more and more accepting of the already highly publicized plan of the world elite to not only control the masses in every part of their life, but to physically manipulate and control their bodies, this is being handed down and done through brain altering chips and implants as seen here in this video. Most will perceive this video from an untrained eye and believe that this is great innovation and a giant leap for the medical progress we as a people have been striving for, but when you dig deeper and seek out the implication this will have you become overwhelmed by all the drawbacks.
See as the Elite knows that people will accept anything as long as it is spoon fed to them slowly, via the laws of power any scholar to the study knows that “You preach the need for change, but you never reform to much at once,” this study single handedly informs us as to the tactics and measures taken by the Elite to control us.


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