Follow the lead of our Hispanic brothers and Sisters with Civil Disobedience

The example has been set, such movements as the Undocubus = No Papers No Fear campaign. Which took action after years of being oppressed and living in fear of being arrested and deported, our fellow brothers and sisters of Hispanic origins said enough is enough and challenged the Arizona state laws which targeted them in their illegal checkpoints and so forth. As our brothers and sisters have shown the first step is to step out of the fear sphere and take action at all cost, if we want to change the way things are we must be willing to stand up against the powers that be. We are all human beings the only race on this planet, its is us who oppress one another no other force or entity is doing this.
I advise that listeners, viewers, readers, and followers alike begin to do the same, start organizing movements in your community which voice that change through love for all mankind is the only way, let your Government officials know that you as the people hold and control the power a power which has been abused by the Government and we as one are here to take it back. Let your Government officials know that no longer will we stand for all the Federal Regulation over our lives, no longer will we allow our elected representatives to discuss and negotiate back ally deals which are not in the best interest of the people with the major Corporatocracy, no longer will we stand by as our Constitutionally protected rights are being eradicated every day. No longer do our children belong to the state, no longer will our youth be miss educated, miss-lead, and propagated into believing in the myths perpetuated by the media. No longer will we stand for the polluting of our waters, the theft of our earths natural resources, No longer will we be oppressed, No longer will we be defenseless, voiceless, helpless. We are the people the mighty might people and as one we will stand united from every nation, from every creed, from every color, the massive power we have as a united front only a fool would contest. The place is here, the time is now, your complete way of life is in jeopardy and you must act to show that you will not go quietly.


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