Eliot Spitzer Not forgotten but Alls Forgiven

Is it just me or is this crazy to even consider that Eliot Spitzer should hold any public office position after forcefully having to resign for being implicated in a prostitution ring, Isn’t he lucky that he isn’t sitting In prison somewhere for several years let alone showing his face in the public sector with the ridiculous notion of of taking another public servant position.
If you or I was found guilty of any crime while on our jobs not only would we never have the option to even consider working for that same company again and possibly any company in that industry depending on the crime but we would most likely be sent to prison for the rest of our natural life’s.
I find it completely appalling that the people if New York and let alone of America are sitting back allowing this atrocity to take place.
There is no second chances for disgraced public figures we give them too many chances as it is, we all need to hold each and everyone of our so called elected officials accountable for their actions while in office, under oath to serve us and the Constitution.


After Sex Scandal, Eliot Spitzer Makes a Comeback

Disgraced by ties to a prostitution ring, the former governor announced his candidacy for New York City comptroller angling to challenge Wall Street once again.

Brendan McDermid / REUTERS
Former New York governor Eliot Spitzer speaks at the Reuters Global Financial Regulation Summit 2010 in New York April 28, 2010.

Eliot Spitzer, the hard-charging former New York Governor and onetime “Sheriff of Wall Street,” who resigned five years ago in a spectacular…

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