Floridas Ban on All Electronic Devices

My guess is either it’s a government planted advocate who would even jokingly suggest that our ability to freely communicate with one another be regulated and stripped from us in Florida or any geographical place on Earth which has satellite access. Forgive me if I take articles like this too personally and am instantly suspicious, there has just been to many government and elitetist orchestrated moles planted within our communities made to be and seem like an average joe or a right winged conservative or leftist liberal or whatever party floats your boat, but planted in plain sight to perpetuate the Corporate Agenda of the Plutocrats.
You decide for yourself for me this is simply ridiculous, even as a mere suggestion as anyone with half a brain knows that the Internet is the sovereign mans biggest asset!

“As the story goes, Florida recently passed a law banning Internet cafes that offer slot machine-like games. “The Legislature and governor acted with dizzying speed, leaving many questions as to the law’s impact and how the centers known as Internet cafes would react,” reports the Associated Press.

Well, one Internet cafe owner has reacted by suing the state, claiming that “her legal team found that the ban was so hastily worded that it can be applied to any computer or device connected to the Internet,” according to the Huffington Post.” Read more…..



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