Cryin Out

Aspiring Pop artist Notorious Coo makes a statement to the powers that be to cease the mass genocidal murders of the unfavorable, what most indigenous people have become known as!


2 responses to “Cryin Out

    • Thank you greatly for your comment and attention, Darfur is a region in the Sudan about the size of France. It was home to nearly 6 million inhabitants comprising of nearly 100 tribes. The most important aspect to take into consideration with this incident which span over several years starting back in 2003, is that this is a Muslim Nation, meaning that by westerners this atrocity was eagerly overlooked. Now FederalResistance is a movement which is determined to shed light on the truths in every situation no matter how horrific or daunting. The story behind the fact that this genocide has claimed nearly half a million lives and displaced more then half the population, is the involvement of the western governments. According to sources the ICC(International Criminal Court) has issued an indictment for president Omar Al Bashir, back in 2009 for the mass genocide, rape, and pillage against civilians in Darfur, till this day Omar Al Bashir has not had to face any charges by the UN, ICC, or any other international forums for his actions.
      In the midst of the civil battles and occupation of Darfur, one must stop to ask themself where exactly did the forces and oppositions get their guns and ammunition from. Im sure a little research and open mindedness can lead even the most skeptical of critics to a sure and definite end which will not require them to seek any further then their own backyard.
      I do hope this was helpful please feel free to stay tuned in to the blog and begin informing and waking up from the Mass brainwashing and Mind control perpetuated by the Media for the benefit of total domination and control by this proposed New World Government.

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