Jessica Rabbit


jessica-albaIt just seems quirated_r_300te odd to me how often this name is coming up in main stream media this year. So i proceed to do a search to attempt to find out where the character came from who created this character and what was the inspiration. Not even the plethora of informational wealth which Google and Yahoo search engines could prove to provide me with a solid answer to this question. I did however find some names of the artists, and even a name of either a past or potentially current owner of the name likeness and image of this supposedly fictional character.

Now my suspicion has grown from one of simple interest or intrigue to one of persistent skepticism to one of sheer suspicion. I am suspicious of the medias  intentions behind this in fluxed and renewed interest in this character.

It may seem strange for myself a freedom fighter to have taken the time to research a cartoon character, better yet a 20 year old figure which up until recent times had not been mentioned much at all in the mainstream media. Well to answer this debacle i respond with my fundamental technique of research that everything is relative. So this hyped up and perpetuation of this image is definitely relative to the Agenda of the elite who wish to enslave mankind and destroy us in the night.

I did some snooping and like many cartoon characters when created they are given a whole back story to make them more life like, and come to find out that Jessica Rabbit was no different she has a back story of her own as well, a life prior to her meeting Roger Rabbit her toon husband. Her back story is more detailed then i would like to go into here on this post so you may read it for yourself if interested by clicking on her name, Jessica Rabbit.

But to my surprise or maybe i am just slow, i realized that the whole Roger Rabbit movie which my interest of the character grew from, was about communist Russia. So this clearly showed me how even 20 years ago the blueprint for the agenda was being put to work, within our cartoons at a very early age.

I dont mean to rant on about this issue i just really want to know what its all for what is the coup behind this plan? What is it the Elite want us to see or not to see? Simply look at all the celebrities immulating the toons look and likeness in the media recently and look at all the media coverage in a Google search on Jessica Rabbit just within this year, its astonishing.

Some of you may accredit this to a trend or say that its another hook for media to cling onto for just another story or another piece, I challenge you to look beyond what is said, seen, and look at it from all angles you may be surprised!




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