No Second Chance For Elliot Spitzer


It may seem that i am preaching to the choir as the only voice who is screaming into the wind about not allowing Elliot Spitzer a second chance, not allowing Elliot Spitzer any position in the public service sector. He as an individual on his own accord has broken the law, he is not eligible for employment in the public sector as a public servant.

I am emphasizing this so strongly because it sets a precedence, see we tend to forget the most primal laws of physics which was clearly stated and consciously relayed by Albert Einstein that everything is relative. So this situation will be and definitely is relevant to all to come, if we give Elliot a pass now then it will become so much more accepted then already is, where we will become not only complacent but passive to the point where our Kings and Queens, Emperors and Empresses can do no wrong in our eyes.

I cringe at the day when such a time comes to pass. For those of you who may think or believe that this is of no concern to you because you don’t reside in New York or you have your own problems to worry about, it is this sort of thinking that I am astutely fighting to change, as we must understand as I keep emphasizing what effects us as groups, individuals effects the whole, our homes are no longer our communities, our neighborhoods, our states, or even our countries, our home is the planet Earth and who we decide to elect and allow the benefit of making decisions and determining interactions on this Earth is completely up to us as a collective human race.

As the Globalist push for New World Order to make their ultimate agenda of one control one dictator more of a graspable reality, those of you who are alike unto myself push for the United front of the Human race but as Sovereign Individuals.

We know the founding principles of America, the founding principles of Empires in Asia, Empires and Civilizations on the European Continent all of which were founded with an ideal of a total and complete unity of the people for the preservation of the race, to excel and become the dominant creature here on our planet Mother Earth, we have done this and accomplished this goal. Over many eons we have struggled failed and fallen, but we have managed to get up stay persistent and persevere, now with this accomplishment we deserve our desired end the Sovereignty of all human beings.

Besides the fact of no longer even needing the current Governmental system, economical system, spiritual system, geographical system or any of these other old and out dated systems which are counterproductive to our ends we don’t need Spitzer.

I encourage you to study the men and women who are currently holding positions in public office, and study these people not just their words, but their actions and see if you cant not see for yourself that they are working for a different agenda which does not have the whole of mankinds best interest at heart, you will realize that these individuals are methodically brainwashed to do the work of some elusive entity which wishes to destroy mankind. Why I ask? Why is that?

Keep Spitzer Out, No public office positions for you at all Spitzer. If you are questioning what you can do as an individual, you can start simply by contacting these news and media outlets which are making it popular to even consider the absurdity of allowing Spitzer another chance, and inform them that you will boycott their stations, you will not support their advertisers products, also you will raise and train your offspring up to have a passionate dislike for them and their offerings which will not only effect them and their ratings now but will ensure them the failure of receiving new business from old loyal customers, if by any chance they promote, push, or try to persuade the public to allow Elliot Spitzer or any other disgraced Public Servant another chance at public service.

Read more on Elliot Spitzer here: Bio


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