Call Ben Bernanke On His Direct Line and Tell Him He is FIRED!!!

It is only right the public have Ben Bernanke direct line since the Elite are able to call up the Federal Reserve Chairman at anytime. It is time to not only call up Mr. Ben Bernanke but let him know to tell his bosses that their company charter is effectively immediately suspended by the people of the United States.
We will no longer need the services of the Federal Reserve as we will be canceling our contract with them.
If we do this everyday for 30 days straight each and everyone of us we just may get the message through to the so called Upper Echelon that they do not control us and we will not be had. They can keep their paper money, their interest rates, and all the rest of their money lending scams because the American people are theirs not longer.

At a keynote address this morning at Netroots Nation, Erica Payne of The Agenda Project gave out Ben Bernanke’s office telephone number, and urged the audience to “call him every day for the next couple weeks,” specifically urging him to get Jamie Dimon to step down from the board of the New York Federal Reserve. An attendee named Alice called the number, 202-452-2955, and confirmed it was the public affairs office of the Federal Reserve. She left a message, saying “I want you to fire Jamie Dimon. I will call again tomorrow.”


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