D.C. Hollywood for Ugly People!!!

As the blatant lies continue to flow in from our government officials it often raises the question as to whether these men and women are simply great actors being mindlessly controlled by the Upper Echelon, or are they in on the worlds greats attack to its autonomous people?

As i scroll through my pulse app searching through every facade of news, from popular/mainstream news and low level blogs, am stations and the works, im continuously bombarded with statements made by the men and women sent to Washington D.C. to represent the interest of the Sovereign Kings and Queens residing here on the American soil (You and I), and I can’t help but to question each and every word which comes out their mouth, as I personally have dissected many statements made and by these men and women and found the fallacies in each and everyone of them. From the time William Clinton stated that he did not inhale, to the time Mr. Barack Obama stated he would provide transparency of the government if he were to be elected.

See i realize that the problem with these promises made to the people, simply contradict with the desires of the elite. So if someone has to be lied to unfortunately for us plain Jane and regular John Doe, we are the ones to incur the not only the lies but the raft of their implications.

So when the statement D.C. is simply another Hollywood but for Ugly people, i couldn’t resist. This statement seems to be the truest statement to come out of D.C. in years and the Federal Resistors and Info Warriors all Concur!!!



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