Dont Forget to Stand Your Grounds!!

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Oh how confusing things seem to be getting, but surely I tell you this is exactly the calamity that the Elite planned for. In light of George Zimmermans Not Guilty Verdict, the American black community are in an uproar over the fact that a hispanic American was found not guilty of killing a black American, this alone calls for some clarity I believe. This was not nor has it ever been an issue of “races,” this was made a race thing by the press due to the opportunity it created for the powerful elite to cause more decention and deceit amongst the masses. This cause presented not only an opportunity to once again divide the world community but to also strip them of some more of those inalienable rights you may or may not have been aware of. The attack on the Stand Your Grounds laws, i tell you is by no coincidence, this was the plan since day one, they simply needed some fuel and the Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin case provided just that. With the verdict being not guilty that would cause the fustrations of the black community and those others supporting this preposterous absurdity that this was a race inflicted situation, towards the laws which allow such things to occur. So like clockwork just as planned the masses begin attacking their own liberties and freedoms demanding, the government to take them away from us, because we are not wise enough to know what to do with the freedom to protect ourselves, so mass demonstrations take place, demanding justice and change. Funny enough this seems like a repeat of 9/11, and so many other coups on the American public.
I do hope that this will shed some light on this situation for those of you who have forgotten to Stand Your Grounds, and if nothing else i do hope it insinuates a different way of seeing this situation to spark you to do your own digging and research.
The New World Orders plan is in effect and believe you me you will not be on the good end of the stick when its all said and done. This plan does not have your best interest at heart or in mind, and you are most of you are burdens to this plan so the physical eradication of you is more favorable, and for those of you who do cooperate, your roles as sheep and simi sheppards will be on a control level never obtained before on the face of this earth. You will be complete and total subjects, mentally, physically, and even any ideal of spirit you have will belong to the One World Leader.


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