Puppeteers and Puppet Masters Beware of the Hoax


By reading the title of this post it may be hard to associate the context with such a serious subject. In my current research of how our liberties and rights are slowly but aggressively being pulled right from up under us using Gorilla tactics which most of us are simply unaware of, i came across a Boycott of the whole state of Florida. By none other then the Elites puppets, see these public figures that we welcome into our homes and become so acquainted with are nothing more then that just puppets their sole purpose is to keep us preoccupied with mundane issues, and when able convince and persuade the masses to jump on the band wagon.

In the wake of the whole mass media perpetuated Zimmerman trial, i questioned what the true intentions behind this whole ordeal was, well now i know. The Elite have shown their true cards with the whole abolish the Stand Your Ground Law. See many will listen to these puppets and say you are right we shouldnt’t allow each other to use necessary force to defend ourselves, why would we do that thats what our governments here for, right thats why we live in a police state right, wrong.

The right to self defense is one of the most primitive rights that any living being has and no one or nothing can take that from you. When a deer is in danger of being caught and eatten it flees as its form of self defense, when a woman is being attacked in a dark alley she uses every tool or weapon possible to flee the attacker, to restrict this means of self defense would simply be to ask all living life forces to just acquiesces to death with no resistance. Sorry Elite and those of you who follow my life does not belong to you, and if you or anyone or anything else threaten it or put me in a place where I am fearful for my life, I will defend myself to the fullest of my capability even if it means me taking your life.

I tell you this all to say that the Zimmerman trial was a coup, said as the situation may be that a young man lost his life and left a community in crises, but the truth is the only reason it even made it into the media was simply because it was a great situation to use to get the publics approval on doing away with any means of legal defense left to the public.

To my fellow artist, musicians, actors, poets, singers, and so forth I propose to you no I challenge you to really think and decide who you will swear your allegiance to, the false idols here on earth who have perpetuated themselves to be seen as your Gods, or the benevolent love and endurance of the people who represent the human race. We will overcome any and all tyranny, and if you are not one of us you will fall to our raft as well. Think twice before you decide to go on these advents to hype up your brand, think twice before standing behind a certain ideal, which the label has approved of, and think even harder when you decide to oppose the same people who have supported you for so many years, the same people you feed off of and need to be in the position you are in.

Some of these puppets include and are not limited to the following names below: Stevie Wonder, Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, Madonna, Usher, Pattie Labelle, Rihanna, Rollin Stones, R.Kelly, Erykah Badu, Rod Stewart, Alicia Keys, Will I AM, and many others.


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