Drones Spying on American Citizens

Drones Spying on American Citizens

How many of my Federal Resistors caught this report, about the Drones doing maneuvers on American soil, and righteous gun owners in Deer Trail offering cash rewards for shooting down one of these intrusive drones.
Yes you heard it right, the U.S. Government is showing you who the real threat is, these terrorist which have been talked about for decades are actually you and I. Hey thats funny I thought it was Al Queda, and the Taliban, no that was the distraction to get you and i to surrender our right to privacy. Anyways it is apparent that these drones will be seen more frequently in and around American Airspace, and get this a statement made by the FAA, “Shooting at an unmanned aircraft could result in criminal or civil liability, just as would firing at a manned airplane,” but true info warriors will pay no head to this idle threat as it is not up to the FAA to make or create laws.
To view the full report simply click on the Drone photo.


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