People You Should Know About

This post isn’t necessarily in any order of importance, I feel it is a relevant place to start your quest for knowledge and the truth, by picking up where these individuals left off.


Paul Craig Roberts Economist

Former NSA employee, Leaked information in regards to illegal phone tapping


Great mind Natural Energy

Nikola Tesla Great mind Natural Energy


Alex Jones Activist


Albert Einstein

Stephen Hawkins

Royal Raymond Rife

George Orville

Ron Paul

Steve Quail

Dr. Edward Viara

Lana Corrine Cantrell

Jordan Maxwell

William Cooper

David Icke

Zachariah Sitchin

John Perkins

Edward Leedskalnin

H.G. Wells

Ray Kurzweil


Cecil Rhodes

Sigmund Freud

Michael Cremo

Preston Peet

David Hatcher

Jim Marrs







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