Biometric scanning in iPhone 5S

When searching for companies who are likely progenitors of this one world government and world dominance by the elite technocrats, you don’t have to look to far as you yourself may be a apt supporter of them, their products and services. These companies hell bent on securing profit at the expense of all our natural liberties have shown their allegiance to the side which wishes to completely control and dominate us all. As this may not be such a surprise to most of you in the know but I will point out the obvious for those who may not be aware that such companies as Apple in connection with AuthenTec are at the leading for front of chipping and maintaining a biometric database for the already overly intrusive NSA and other simi government agencies.

This report which follows shows a proposed truth which is not coming not in some distant future but is currently here, remember that in order to effect change which is not favorable to the masses or to make the masses submit and give up their liberties and freedom you must slowly and incrementally guide them, and i assure you this is what is taking place and the finally results will be catastrophic for us all.

Subtle changes between the iPhone 5 (left) and purported iPhone 5S suggest the presence presence -- or at least option -- of a fingerprint scanner.Subtle changes between the iPhone 5 (left) and purported iPhone 5S suggest the presence — or at least option — of a fingerprint scanner.(Credit:

Will Apple announce an iPhone 5S next month? And, if so, will that model come with a biometric fingerprint sensor? A new set of leaked photos add fuel to the rumor fire.

Speculation over this feature began last year when Apple acquired fingerprint-recognition chipmaker AuthenTec, then ramped up again last month when an eagle-eyed beta tester discovered biometric scanner code in iOS 7 beta 4.

Now, as reported by Laptop, French blog just released photos purporting to show the inside of the iPhone 5S, complete with evidence to support fingerprint-scanning hardware.

Specifically, a redesigned metal spacer cushion near the Home button has extra room to accommodate “additional components,” according to Laptop.

Given some of the aforementioned evidence, it stands to reason that an upgraded Home button could offer this kind of capability. (And if not that — what?)

We’ll have to wait until September 10 to see if this rumor pans out. In the meantime, hit the comments to discuss the value of a fingerprint-savvy Home button. Would this be the ultimate security feature? A nice alternative to tapping out a password every time you see the Lock screen? Or just a yawn-worthy attempt to stand out from the smartphone crowd?

(Via Laptop)

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