It has been a couple of weeks since my last post and I do see that the followers and readership is growing which really excites me, along with the statistical factoring of those who are becoming more and more aware and awake, A p

A poll done recently regarding the Syria situation, which has been warranting my attention for the last couple of weeks, showed that only 9% of the population approve of American action being taken I. Syria. This is a great hallmark in the fight against those wishing to ruse us and the world under their New World Order. It’s such a staple because out shows the public awareness on such a massive scale that now we can begin to exert our power by voicing our views on any and everything that concerns us and our Mother Earth!

i challenge you my readers and followers to begin doing just that voicing your opinion expressing your ideals and concerns, whether it be here on our Federal Resistance blog or a blog or website of your own, simply insert your input. We are all here living side by side on the same Mother Earth so we should all have some ideal of one another’s ideals and concerns.


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