List of Current Events

I apologize for the lag in between the posts as their has been so much progressive actions taking place in this movement for Globalization this it becomes overwhelming to keep up with it all, and currently as only one man Its even more daunting. I am doing my best to provide you with relevant information from around the world so that you may be able to derive intellectual basis for your conclusions, whatever they may be. My goal and purpose is to provide you with the N.E.W.S and allow you to decide whats what. I do however state the need for a world wide global Federal Resistance of the worlds natural people us!

U.N.: Libyan Weapons Being Smuggled to Syria

New Egyptian Petition: Run, General, Run

Al-Qaida-Linked Rebels Claim Syria Killings

Jordan: Syria Refugee Influx Surges Nearly Tenfold

Iran Says It’s Readier Than Before for Nuke Deal

Zambia Tries Separatists in Treason Trial

U.N. Chief to Discuss Syria Poison Gas Findings

Sweden’s King Celebrates 40 years on The Throne

More Peacekeepers Head to Central African Republic

Syria Opposition Wants Ban on Government Air Power

Nearly 100 Philippine Rebels Killed or Captured

24 Afghans Die as Tunnel Collapses in Coal Mine

Bombings Kiill 35 in South and Central Iraq

Police: Nigeria Youths Retaliate, Kill Police

Spain Rejects Referendum Sought by Separatists

Somali Islamic Center Eulogizes American Jihadi

100,000 Poles in Anti-Govt March, Threaten Strike


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