The Governments Criminal Rap Sheet

Take a good look at this now. When a criminal gets caught, say for raping someone or killing someone, the forensics step in and usually find evidence of a bunch of other rape victims or murder victims from the same criminal. They find a long rap sheet, years of crimes, from little stuff when they were in high school to major stuff they “got away with.” When you hear of criminals being tried for like 50 or 100 counts, it’s because they have SO MUCH dirt on them, there’s no way they can get off on a technicality or two. They are guilty across the board and it’s the end of the line. Prison time. Take a good look at some of the “terror” that has happened on U.S. soil in the past 12 years and be your own “lawyer” and your own “forensics” investigator. Use common sense here and be smart. Then think about Obamacare and all over again. Here we go:

September 11, 2001:

War in Iraq based on false pretense:

Batman Theatre Shooting:

Sandy Hook school shooting “massacre:”


Boston Marathon Bombing:

/039977_the_craft_boston_marathon_private_military_contractors.html site for Non-affordable SICK care:


“The government “shutdown” is a hoax. It is pure theater

designed to make life as miserable as possible for

Americans while the government keeps collecting taxes,

racking up debt expenditures, running foreign wars and

doing all the unconstitutional things government does

these days.”

The Great Obamacare Collapse of 2014

Don’t you worry for a second about ‘forced coverage’

and signing up for an unconstitutional scam. This fake

front will be exposed nationally, and the bottom will fall

out, it’s just a matter of months. Mike Adams says:

Ultimately, this also means we don’t have to worry about

trying to delay Obamacare. Obamacare is going to destroy

itself! Sooner or later, the entire country will realize the

absurdity of being fined by the IRS for not buying a

mandatory insurance policy that cannot be purchased

because the government-run exchange site is utterly


Spread the word. People need to know. Everyone needs

to rethink how they voted, how they vote now, and how

they will always vote in the future. You have complete

control. Make informed, intelligent and educated

choices from now on!


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