The Nefarious NSA’s License to Spy

Few can refute the fact that “Knowledge is Power” and in the form of information true knowledge comes from having access to all intelligence and/or information on the planet that would insinuate that the true power lies in the hands of the few who are privy to this pertinent information.

Enter the NSA, The NSA which has gained a lot of recent attention due to whistleblowers, most notably Edward Snowden, has a few bullets of its own in this battle for supremacy over information. Created by secret Executive order on November 4, 1952 under the Truman administration, SIGMA as it was originally called was commissioned to broadcast signals into the outer reaches of space in attempts to contact Extraterrestrial Life Forms, as well as monitor every electronic device in this galaxy and the next to gather intelligence.

Now with this power there were actually no limits set to their potential reach, and even more the Executive order actually specifically spells out that the NSA as it is known as today was exempt from all laws not specifically naming the NSA in the text of the law. Talk about a license to spy huh!

The NSA still operates today for the purpose of contacting extraterrestrial aliens, but through its nearly 60 years of operating it has in-lined a power structure which may be un parralled to any other in history, in 1952 an outside group was created under Trumans and the NSA’s oversight, this group known to many but may come as a surprise that it has no government affiliation and is not a branch of the government, however government officials are in attendance to this private meeting every year. This group named after its first meeting sight The Bilderberg Group whom members or attendees became known as the Bilderbergers essentially decides on every aspect of human life here on this planet through its web of committees and sub comities such a committee created by this group is the U.N.

more on this to come….


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