NSA, DHS, and TSA Different Suits Same Sorority

As more and more information comes out on the evasive tactics of the NSA, it begins to shed light on their counterparts the DHS and TSA. Training manuals and memos have been divulged outlining tyrannical required treatment towards the American public, such as the degradation techniques which call for unlawful “Stop and Frisk” of not only your person but also your cell phones. Illegal road blocks and check points have become the norm, forced euthanizations, forced blood test and so much more treasonous and treacherous actions clearly displaying the globalist agenda for total control over the earth population.
Recently broken news states that the NSA is in a race to get the fourth Amendment, which protects Americans from Illegal Searches and Seizures, overturned with hopes of using the “Stop and Frisk” tactics used by the NYPD.
At schools around the United States its been reported that Big Brother is paying a tech firm $40,500 to monitor what middle and high school student post publicly on facebook, twitter and other social media site.


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