Bitcoin Savior of Financial Market or Destroyer

The phenomenon of the online currency token ed Bitcoin has caught the attention of the mass media within the last year, this being due to the exposure and closure of online black-market site SilkRoad. The site offered a flux of black market items and only accepted this Bitcoin currency for privacy, secrecy and protection of seller and purchaser.
The question proposed with Bitcoin by many is how is it valued, with no real foundation for valuing Bitcoin due to the fact (like our current fiat currency) it is not tied to any tangible object, or good. This being the case many savvy investors have realized that Bitcoin can be the perfect device they need to shelter their fortunes from the United States Government and IRS, also the fact that the currency has been endorsed by the likes of David Rockerfeller, tells me that their must be some other benefits in mind of these one percenters.

In doing my research on Bitcoin debating which side of the spectrum I wish to represent, whether the currency still offers what it was created to offer or whether it has been corrupted like everything else meant for the public sector and will become the end of this cash society (but unfortunately giving the Banking Cartel that much more control over us and our economic situation)which is still to be determined. I came across the trading platform which has been established for Bitcoin currency, is an online currency exchange where you can easily began to see that the 2000% decrease of most fiat currencies countries hold has been granted to the new Bitcoin currency. Simply just a thought it doesn’t matter what the form or medium of trade a country decides to use if the people don’t take control of it it will be controlled by the banking cartels.


Written by,

Johnny Lawless


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