Where Have I Been (PRISON)

I know a lot of you have been disappointed by the fact that no new posts or updated information has come to you via Federal Resistance, well that is due to the fact that I have become a proponent of my attempts to disseminate this necessary information to the listening and awakening public.

On February 04, 2014 I was returning from Morocco on a trip I decided to take for further investigation and research, upon returning from that trip my flight was rerouted in London from London to New York to California, to London directly to California. Now for me this was a great revelation much more convenient flight, but to my surprise I had been added to an international watch list of what is known as Domestic Terrorist and I was to meet the Custom and Border Patrol Agents in San Diego which was my destination for some thorough screening.

When I arrived to San Diego I was ultra tired and simply wanted to go home, I was taken to secondary screening where I was informed that I may have a warrant somewhere in the United States where was unknown and for what was just as unknown. As I am an avid traveler of the world I knew there had to be a mistake as I would have been informed of this on my previous trip just weeks prior to this one.

After hours of interrogation and illegally going through my personal belongings (which the constitution protects U.S. Citizens from Illegal Search and Seizure by the Government and its agents), I was handed off to the Harbor Police department a division of the Airport police and taken in for this anonymous warrant. Upon reexamination of my property the Harbor Police decided to charge me with Theft having access to others credit cards as I was carrying with me several business credit cards from Capital One which I had obtained under fictitious business names (a clearly common and legal practice in the financial world).

To make a long story short I decided to defend my honor, my liberty, and my freedom on my own and represented myself in court. My objective after being held without bail for months was not just to vindicate myself but to once again expose the corruption which is taking place in our Judicial System the California Jails and Prison System, and how even when you are right and can prove it the hold that the courts can put on you are life threatening. I was held for a year without bail fighting a case which changed several times throughout the course of the case, and which proved to my detriment.

I was later suppose to be released after losing the case in trial in front of a jury of (very uninformed and trained slaves i.e, not my peers) on my release date a funny thing took place I was dressed out and then a detective who had been very present and visual throughout my trial came to pick me up and took me to a private airport in San Diego.

At this time I was extradited to Arizona Maricopa County for the charges of Theft yet again. Upon arriving in Arizona I learned that due to an old account I had with Desert Schools Credit Union which I had had two checks that bounced on this account and the account had to be charged off due to the Credit Union not being able to reach me, i was being charged with Theft.

I am currently still in the process of fighting this allegation, my allegations or conviction in San Diego is under appeal which I have been assured by my appellant attorney that the conviction will be overturned, as one judge stated on the bench that “I was not Guilty of the charges I was being charged with,” and the trial judge offered me a mistrial which after a day she went back on and proceeded with the case instead.

I dont bring this up to discourage any of you who are in the battle for Liberty, Freedom, and Redemption from this Black hand, Elite group of globalist, controlling our government and total system. I hope it will only encourage you to educate yourself even further with tactics and strategies to deflect their attempts to assassinate you your character and your freedom.

We may fall down but still we rise, I may be beaten, broken, convicted, labeled a criminal but I assure you all that still I WILL RISE and PREVAIL as it has been said that VENGEANCE is my fathers.

The information will continue with much more fury that will thwart our enemies attempts at their futile plans to dominate us.


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