Operation World Dominance

Image result for Federal ConspiracyImage result for Federal Conspiracy

Mission Objective: Rule this World and Beyond.

Mission Tasks;

Reduce world population to a favorable and manageable census of tolerable progressive servants.

Acquire, control, and own all of the worlds Natural Resources, for distribution at our own discretion.

Enlighten ourselves in an objective to equal and or surpass the most intellectual life forces in this galaxy and any other accessible to us or any other form of life.

To become the dominant species, race of the galaxy.

To extend our life forces well beyond the common length of mans acceptable life span, become immortals.

To rule all free thoughts, all private property, and private enterprises, to exterminate democracy, sovereignty, free thought, and overall free will.

By executing our mission tasks through stealth, secrecy, and by using hidden agendas, and our cronies in the private sector to, dissuade, confuse and frustrate any non compliant, non conforming liberalist, Patriots, or crusaders, we will ultimately expedite the progression of our One World Government, One World Dominance, One mind for the peace and prosperity of our own posterity.

We will infect and attack the psyche of all sentient beings minds like a virus to cause self destruction of the physical body and spiritual morale. For we know “He who collects souls is wise.” We shall commence operations through the institutions strategically erected to aggressively by those whose imminent demise it is designed for.

The ideal of reality will be constructed designed architect’d by us, this reality will be a Farris wheel which admission will only cost the free will of the rider. This rat race will be setup to ensure that any defectors, who cause tension on the ride will be thoroughly dealt with by the riders themselves causing a crab in the bucket syndrome. The chase for the illusion money, the all mighty dollar will, create every form of control necessary for us to operate in stealth behind the scenes as everyone else will be so adamantly obsessed with fighting over our crumbs that they will not have any sense of what the creator of this fictitious existence is up to, and even if by chance of design that the masses of sheepole do gain consciousness of this hidden agenda it will be so well embedded into the fabric of this design that no one will believe them and to promote this ideal of truth will be the assurance of their own demise.

We will effectively embed ourselves and our plan into every possible strain of the masses existence, from control of all their necessary essentials, to their human encounters and interaction with one another, even effectively controlling what is put into their bodies, and what they are allowed to think.

To be continued…..


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