Wealthy Billionaires buying Up Washington and Not Even Hiding It

It has been long talked about by myself and many others who are pegged as conspiracy theorist the fact that our once upon a time democratic republic has turned into a corporatacracy. On August 18, 2015 USA today ran an editorial titled Billionaires Crowd out the Bundlers, and some of the talking points in the article were how in 2012 Sherman Anderson owner of Montana Lumber company found it quite easy to raise $2 Million for at that time, presidential hopeful candidate for the Republican party Mitt Romney.

Now for the upcoming 2016 presidential race Anderson is claiming that he is having a far more difficult time raising money for republican candidates due to the dominance of the super pacs and other outside groupds amassing millions in political contributions for the nations richest.

There you have it in a nutshell our governmental construct our whole system up for sale on a silver platter going to the highest bidder. My question is how much does it cost to buy a politician, a senator, or a president for that matter.

With the new campaign contribution laws which clearly make it that much easier for the wealthy to legitimately purchase their politician, which essentially allows corporations, unions, and even individuals to contribute unlimited amounts of funds to their campaigns.

Such billionaires as Miguel “Mike” Fernandez out of Florida who is reported to be the single largest donor to Jeb Bushes campaign and plans to contribute double even three times that if necessary, and these contributions won’t even put Miguel in the top 25 of 2016 donors.

Other billionaires such as Robert Mercer a hedge fund manager from New York who has contributed $11 million to Ted Cruzes bid for GOP nomination. Two other billionaires energy executive Keley Warren and IT tycoon Darwin Deason have donated $5 and $6 million each to Rick Perrys’ candidacy for the White House.


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