Back and recapping 2016

So what about that Revolution oh still no takers ok lets take a look back into 2016 as we change the hands of father time forward or backwards depending on whose asking, and simply recap on our current state of affairs are things getting better, staying the same, or getting worse?


So it should come to no ones surprise that 2016 we saw a massive influx of police brutality and all out Police flat out murdering citizens, specifically those of the darker persuasion.’


Major Presidential Upset the Wicked Witch Candidate Hillary Clinton simply could not cut it and lost out to the Donald the Billionaire (questionable) with only a second grade vocabulary. But hey thats politics. Back in Washington (Hollywood for Ugly People) we see Barrack Obama or will he be returning back to being Barry Sotero, anyways bowing out and leaving the White House with all his dignity left in the oval offices toilet bowelUnknown.jpeg

Just a few thoughts to bring in the new struggle or actually the old struggle in a New Year!!!


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