Trump Report



With all the fuss about this and that pertaining to politics, i think its only fair that we at Federal Resistance take an objective stance and grade our current President and leader, Donald Trump, on his progress for the last 100 days. We have no intentions of creating an ongoing debate or dividing our readers whether you agree with Trump, like him or dislike him we should still be able to objectively determine whether he has been effective or not.

Using the parameters which are established by the U.S. Constitution detailing the Presidents Job descriptions: Chief Executive of the federal government and commander in chief of the armed forces. The 322 words which detail the job description from the Constitution Article II section I.

The president is the commander-in-chief of the military.

The President is responsible for insuring that the laws passed by Congress are executed and enforced as written.

The President is allowed to grant pardons and reprieves for crimes other than impeachment.

The President can also make treaties, but only if two- thirds of the Senate agrees to the terms of those treaties.

The President can nominate ambassadors Supreme Court justices, and other officers(most commonly cabinet secretaries and federal judges). But he can only nominate them. Again, the Senate has final approval on any nominations. Has power to obtain information and opinions from heads of the executive departments.  The President also has power to fill any vacancies that may happen while the senate is in recess.

Must report to Congress from time to time to time about the state of the union and recommend whatever measures he thinks are necessary.

Receives foreign ambassadors and other public officials.

Is responsible to enforcing the nations laws.

Issues commissions to all officers of the United States.

Judging the President using these parameters set by the job description as well as some minor provisions of our, own such as: he and his cabinet following through with their promises announced during his campaign, the economical situation of our union at present,and any involvement in scandals and/or heinous accusations.

Off hand simply taking the current state of things on the surface economically, business is good, the stock market is booming, the economy is adding jobs, and consumer confidence is high. The Dow, S&P, and Nasdaq have set record highs in the months after Trumps election. The Dow has seen its tenth consecutive record closing in a row, at 20,810. Even though GDP has not budged unemployment and energy prices are low, and wage growth has been stable for nearly two years, which all reflects a confidence that American consumers are doing better with each passing quarter.

Follow through: Came into office promising to Antagonize America’s allies and economic partners while crushing the international establishment, scrapping free trade agreements, while severely limiting immigration. Inacting his personal business ideal “truthful hyperbole,” Trump and his cabinet have been pretty consistent granted all the distractions his presidency is shrouded with, in showing progress or at least movement towards his proposed desired ends.

Using the reports coming out of Washington to substantiate these findings i will refer to the Washington Post report which states that President sends Congress his proposed budget this week, bolstering the military, making politically painful cuts to a lengthy list of ppopular domestic programs. Trump is asking to cut funding to agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Education, and the Housing Urban Development, along with grants to state and local governments and community development projects. Trump has constantly promised to “do a lot more with less,” this includes eliminating the $3billion community development block grant program, with a 25% cut to the EPA, eliminating 3000 jobs, and ending a $300 million per- year program to clean up the Great Lakes, a 30% cut to an energy department office that promotes energy efficiency and renewable energy, a 37% cut to the State Department and Foreign aid budgets. The budget also calls for increases to certain agencies such as the Department of homeland security and Veterans Affairs.

Scandals: Disclosing his personal taxes, National Security advisers telephone calls, raw intelligence dossiers and confidential C.I.A. Surveillance schemes spilling into the public.  The leak from the app favored by government employees when sending messages back n forth between one another named Confide, which proved to not be as secure as the company claimed. Claims from his constituents that his run for presidency was simply a publicity stunt. And now that he has won claims he will only use the White House to strengthen his Trump Empire for personal gains. His Russian ties and their potential involvement in rigging the election.

With all the cards on the table its safe to deduce a pretty substantial test result when measuring or grading the current president at present. Without bias and strictly based off what he and his cabinet have been able to achieve thus far the Trump candidacy receives a roaring C+ for his efforts and success as President of the United States.

To some it may come as a shocker but to others it is a reflection of their faith and confidence in someone other than a life long politician running this country.



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