Antagonistic Journalism Trump sided


It seems since the election yielded its results announcing then Presidential elect Donald Trump, the candidate and winner of the election for Presidency of the United States of America, the media has constantly bombarded its viewers with remedial articles, side notes, and editorials all attempting to curtail any possible efforts our new President could make towards progress here in America. How are they doing this you ask? Well with all the attention on the antics, and propaganda of Russian ties, leaked comments and so forth, very few Americans have been privy to learn, experience, or even ponder the plans and intentions of President Trump. Nearly three years ago this time, then President Barrack Obama was in the news and doing press releases about issues such as Health Care, Education, Stock Markets, and the status quo of what we as Americans care to hear from our President. Very few press releases and articles have been provided to the public about Trumps inner workings in the white house towards any ends. Everything in the press has continued to consume our minds with controversy and showmanship type propaganda that very few have even bothered to ask still to this day, what are this presidents policies and plans on Health Care, Education, Fair Trade Agreements, Attempts at censoring the Internet, and the common goal of all Presidents to continue the upholding to the fullest of its extent of that tried and true document which has assisted in making this nation great, “The United States Constitution.”
In watching a barrage of attacks unwarranted at our presidents son Donald Trump Jr about emails which he received, the no passe attitude taken but Trump has set a tone for what we should grow to expect from the Trump family and their cabinet when it comes to this continued sidetracking and deceptive journalism. The Family and Cabinet are making it seemingly clear that if they are allowed to work for the country they intend to.
Not attempting to be a white knight or savior or even advocate for Trump his family or his cabinet, but in good faith it would serve America well to give this man a chance to try to work towards his claims. It should be very obvious that Trump will be more than compelled to take every opportunity to advance his business and personal agenda, as for ethics and morale Donald Trump obviously is not the golden child nor anyones first second or third pick, but going into the election we all knew this, making Trump that much more valuable as we have all who placed their ballot and marked Trump as your Presidential elect, taken the chance on giving someone other than a lifelong politician a shot at running the greatest Corporation/Nation/Country in the world. We all took a chance on judging a man based off his results he has produced, and not on his personal actions, political ramblings, or even his knowledge of politics. This is a great gamble, but I will take this opportunity to once again remind you the old adage, “With great risk come great reward,” and “If you see a man for what he could be he will become what he should be.”


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