Our ambitions for a One World Sovereign people is spread through the instrumental uses of social media acquiring information and knowledge from many different facades of life, all this to serve the one ultimate objective of sharing and spreading love.

Only love will lead us through the dark weary, undetermined future which will eventually find each of us united as one and engulfed in this universal harmony and connection that dwells within us all.

The mission is simple, the cause and movement are both just as simple… they simply don’t exist in the end the only thing that will matter is love, the only thing man made which will withstand all barriers and obstacles is love. Live for Love and Love will Live!

Help Support our cause your continued support allows us to do what we do!!! Support Us


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  1. What a fantastic site thank you so much keep up the good work. With all the lies about everything and everyone no one knows what to believe……. more truth…

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