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Review of Sirius 2013

I recently had a friend visit with me for a couple of days and we tend to get into some pretty deep conversations about the current state of things, such as the Government, the death of Sovereignty and so forth, this friend has been introduced to a documentary which he decided to watch during the days we spent together. I did not however watch the documentary at the time and my friend did not get to finish the documentary but just recently i found the documentary still open on my ipad so i decided to start it over and give it a watch over and I cant be more thankful that I did.
This documentary just happened to be SIrius 2013 a documentary done by Dr. Steven Greer, many may have heard of this or even seen the video if you haven’t and you wish to be in the know and informed on all matters concerning our planet, i highly advise you watch it.

Sirius 2013 is about the highly debated topic which most tend to shy away from, UFOs, and Aliens. This video displays the nearly 20 years of research done by Steven Greer and his team (CSETI), on the UFO and Extraterrestrial phenomenon. This documentary gets sighting and personal knowledge accounts from several hundred people which range from civilians to politicians, to high ranking military officers, giving their accounts, and information about this particular subject.
In watching this video you are introduced to several ideals if you haven’t come to these conclusions on your own in the past, the first one being that the United States government is involved in a major cover-up and black-out of information, the second being that their has been a astronomical amount of accounts from people reporting sightings and so forth, and the conclusion to this is even if 1 of these claims is found to be true then the debunking and covering up the government is attempting to do is completely shattered. Not as if the faith and trust in the United States government is so high at this time but I think that once irrefutable proof is brought to the forefront complete trust in the government will be lost and affirmative action will be required.
If I may on a side note put in my personal assessment of the situation, I do feel as William Cooper stated at one point and time that one of two scenarios will reign true either Extraterrestrial Beings exist and have been in contact with elements of our government and their has been a treaty set up between them and our government which knowing our governments track record will not benefit the mass majority of people  if their is a major conflict, or our government and its controlling elements is so hell bent on control that they have created this whole thing for the purpose of inciting fear and confusion so that one day they can present their fabricated ETs as a real threat calling for the mega expansion of the Military Industrial Complex. I lean more towards the later but if it be the last then when this threat is introduced to us not only the people of the US will experience a type of martial law (which would make Nazi Germany look like a summer camp) but the world will fall under this law which will be imposed and enforced by the UN and its other factions.

I am not a fear monger I do not wish to stir up fear in the hearts or minds of my listeners and followers, I only wish to inform so that we may collectively figure out a solution to this problem, Thomas Jefferson said: “All men are entitled to Life, Liberty, Justice, and the Pursuit of Happiness,” and the men at the time created a government which would ensure these in alienable rights for all men. At present the few have taken more interest in the governments actions on a day to day basis and with their money, power, and influence they have completely tipped the scale to where the government acts in their sole interest.

My apologies for the rant, back to my review of Sirius, the last element the documentary introduces you to as a viewer is the fact that several years back four months prior to 911 attack, an EBE (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity)  was actually found in the Atacama Desert. Wow, my sentiments as well, we have been told for years that Alien bodies exist in Area 51 with little to no substantiated proof but this EBE had caused such an uproar that it is reported 911 was partially due to this new evidence of ET life and the fact that we are not alone, we are not the superior race in this galaxy, and we are completely incorrect about most of our scientific information gather over centuries of researching and studying.


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