Global Dominance Starts with dominating Commerce

Taken straight for the pages of The WallStreet Journal an article which caught my attention at first sight. It c aught my attention to the point I was compelled to take to the Federal resistance blog which was started years ago and has only sparsely put out information. As I do get busy and tied up with simply maintaining, what could vaguely pass as a modest middle class lifestyle, needless to say I don’t get as much time as I would like to ascertain, disseminate, and reiterate information from the dinosaur media. As you the reader and citizen fighter for liberty and freedom have many sources to pull your citizen media from, I must take the time here and now to thank you for choosing Federal Resistance.

This information I do put out I make my best efforts to do as much investigation and researching as humanly possible one to save myself the embarrassment of having to retract any statements, and two knowing how fragile and susceptible the minds of men only seeking for a reason to commence to violence or other heinous acts for the crimes being committed agains all citizens of the world all humanity.

With all this said, we are living in some very interesting times, we are possibly in a time period where the ideal of #One World Domination, or #One World Order is as close as it has ever been in human existence and is becoming more and more of a likely reality that all those unfortunate enough to still be here may have to face. These plans to global dominance have been laid out years ago and the steps towards enacting them have become evident at every turn, from our Food, to our Finances. Our way of lives are under attack and the enactors are completely aware that the best way to submit us is through our financial economics. So it was no wonder this article on Visa paying businesses not to accept cash anymore caught my attention. Now even though this has been something that the information community has been suggesting for years will take effect, its more than crazy to see it actually taking effect here and now.

Please take the time to read the WallStreet journal story on Visa, feel free to leave comments, questions, and suggestions, as the conversation can and will start here.


Visa Takes War on Cash to Restaurants

Company offers up to 50 merchants $10,000 apiece to upgrade payment technology and stop taking cash


Visa Inc. V 0.81% has a new offer for small merchants: take thousands of dollars from the card giant to upgrade their payment technology. In return, the businesses must stop accepting cash.

The company unveiled the initiative on Wednesday as part of a broader effort to steer Americans away from using old-fashioned paper money. Visa says it is planning to give $10,000 apiece to up to 50 restaurants and food vendors to pay for their technology and marketing costs, as long as the businesses pledge to start what Visa executive Jack Forestell calls a “journey to cashless.”

“We’re really viewing this as the opening salvo,” said Mr. Forestell, Visa’s global head of merchant solutions, of the potential total $500,000 commitment.

Consumers at those stores would be able to pay for goods or services only with debit or credit cards or with their cellphones. In exchange, Visa is offering to pay for upgrades to merchants’ technology at the checkout line so that they can accept contactless payments, such as Apple Pay . The $10,000 incentive can also help cover some of the merchants’ marketing expenses.

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