Resistance Learn How To Defend Yourself Against All Forms of Corruption, Tyranny, and the inevitable Onslaught of the Human Race, by the few wishing to control the masses.

Learn all your enemies POA= Plans Of Attack, LOD= Lines Of Defense, SBP = Strategic Battle Plans and so forth.

Biological Warfare, Chemical Warfare, Neurological Warfare, Intellectual Warfare, Technological Warfare, Mind Control/Propaganda, through the Mass Media,

Survival Guides:

Weapons Of Mass Reduction:

*Exercise Right to Self Determination-Reclaim Sovereignty,  David Williams

*Boycott Monsanto and Its Products
*Stop eating GMO foods,,, nongmoshoppingguide,com,

*Stop using high frequency emitting technology
*Get Off the Grid

*Find safe and secure methods to browse the web

Tor Browsers:,
-Use Natural Energy

Abolish the Fed and return to an honest gold standard.
Force the federal budget into balance, and thereby stop inflation.
Force the permanent reduction of the tax load to a tolerable level.
Replace the IRS, the income tax, and the 16th Amendment with a sales tax on sold goods and services.
Phase the federal government out of the pension business (Social Security).
Phase the federal government out of the medical insurance business (Medicare).
Phase the federal government out of the welfare business (AFDC, food stamps, etc.).
Attack drug trafficking in earnest. To take the profit out of the trade, allow states to sell low-cost, pure drugs to medically certified addicts (only), and then jail the directors of banks caught laundering drug money.
Empower parents to choose what schools their own kids will attend.
Reduce crime via the welfare, drug, and education reforms described above.
Reform liability litigation to force judgments to match valuable losses.
Remove the abortion issue from the (unconstitutionally assumed) jurisdiction of the federal courts.
Permit states to help identify and hold illegal immigrants for deportation, and expedite that latter action.
Remove our country from elite-controlled international agencies (UN, IMF, World Bank, etc.), reclaim Senate jurisdiction over the details of trade agreements, and discourage overseas investment of the kind or in amounts which detract from the adequate maintenance of our own country and society.
Force Congress to adhere to the intent and the words of our Tenth Amendment.
Get our own government to acknowledge to our citizenry that our American society is under attack, and has been for many years, and that the government and the citizenry are going to henceforth cooperate to repel that attack.

Survival Key

Locusts On The Horizon

Locusts On The Horizon


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